The Einstein Event

a novel by Trevor Ranges

About the novel

The Phenomenon

Destiny, by definition, is indifferent to our belief in it. In the absence of free will,  does fate favor those willing to go with the flow or those who aim to control it? Whether Aran and Anna Jones were at the mercy of an inevitable future, the events of April 22, 2024 set in motionContinue reading “The Phenomenon”

Part I: Chapters 1 -3

Anna and Aran had been in love for more years than either had lived without knowing the other. Even after twenty years and three children, the two were just as smitten with each other as they were the day they met, something any passerby would have noticed as the lovers flirted playfully on a picnicContinue reading “Part I: Chapters 1 -3”

About the Author

Trevor Ranges has been based out of Southeast Asia since 2001, living and working in Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia, where he currently resides. A longtime writer for personal passion, Trevor began a decade-long career as a travel writer in 2005, authoring the beaches and islands’ chapters of Fodor’s Thailand guidebook and then updatingContinue reading “About the Author”

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